The “Yellow Seabird B&B Inn” was originally built as a family home by J.W. Doyle in 1903. As the station agent, he built guest rooms for train passengers as the train came only a few times each week. Alex MacDonald of Soldiers’s Cove, purchased the property in 1918 to establish a business for his three daughters Mary, Tena and Josephine who registered it as the “MacDonalds Hotel” that same year. The hotel was operated for many years by the musical family who entertained their loyal guests around the piano each evening. Upon the eventual passing of her two older sisters, Josephine and her husband Tom assumed responsibility of the business but, due to ill health and with a heavy heart, sold the hotel.

In 1975 Ardon and Michaeleen Mofford became owners and kept the spirit of the hotel alive for many years, serving great food and maintaining the charm and integrity of this wonderful building.

The next owner, Beate Hassold from Germany purchased the “MacDonalds Hotel” from Ardon and Michaeleen Mofford in 2009. She renovated the hotel extensively, especially the guest rooms and suites. After renaming it to “A.MacDonald Country Inn and Dining Room”, she operated the guest house for five years.

The newest owners, Peter and Brigitte Schoen, from Hanover in northern Germany, purchased the building in summer 2016 after it was the second season closed.

From January until July 2017 they renovated the hotel anew in fresh and bright colours. The rooms are now named after different birds living in Cape Breton. From now the hotel is managed as a Bed & Breakfast Inn with the name “Yellow Seabird B&B Inn”.

We welcome you for the next years!

About us

We are Brigitte and Peter Schoen, a German couple which fell in love with Cape Breton in 2012. Coming here just for a seminar, we were charmed immediately by its overwhelming, beautiful nature and its liberating and soothing silence.

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Brigitte Schoen

In summer of 2016 we noticed that the beautiful yellow guesthouse was closed for the second season.

Suddenly there was an inner passion, a vision of a cozy guesthouse in this idyllic, dreamy village of St. Peter’s, a wish to offer this lovely beauty of nature and relaxing silence to everyone, who would like to leave the stress and all the constraints of daily life behind.

So we decided to purchase it and found out that it should be auctioned. After finding out the date of the auction, we booked the flight and became the new owners of the A. MacDonald Country Inn faster than we would have thought.

From there on we faced a mountain of work to realize this dream of ours and to bring you the experience we’ve had envisioned.

We cleaned out, renovated, renewed and redecorated. We put all our heart and all our energy into this project, to realize the dream of our little inviting and delightful Bed & Breakfast, now known as the Yellow Seabird!